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What Happens When You Get Hurt at Work?

Your job is the way you provide for yourself and family. It keeps a roof over your head, food in your stomach, and gas in your tank. Missing even a day of work unpaid can result in many families to fall drastically behind on their finances. But what about when you get injured at that all-important job? First, you need to find a work related injury lawyer Hillsboro, OR.

Work related injuries are more common than you think, and are typically not the fault of the employee. These injuries may occur due to unsafe working conditions, hazards at the job, or overworking due to understaffing.

Injuries range from minor issues like sprains that could have you out of work for a few days, up to head injuries and broken bones that can have you out for months. When your livelihood has literally cost you your livelihood, you deserve help keeping your family provided for.

When hurt at work, the first thing that happens is you will file a workman’s comp claim to cover your medical expenses. It is your employer’s responsibility to pay for your bills, not yours. You may have to seek aid at a doctor or hospital covered by your employer’s insurance company, so be sure to ask where you are able to go.

You should also be afforded paid leave for time specified by a medical professional. During this time, you must be paid a portion of your normal wages, and – this is important – you can not be fired for missing work.

work related injury lawyer Hillsboro, OR

If there is a flaw in any of those steps, you need to immediately seek out a work related injury lawyer. If, for example, the company tries to fire you for missing work after you were injured on the job. Act immediately, because there are time restrictions on these cases.